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Credit Review

What we are doing in Credit Review is giving the customer a free credit analysis, all we have to do is look at any of your credit reports and we will go over every account to determine if it is a derogatory account. We will speak to every customer and read the credit report with them over the phone and explain what can be done. No one else in the industry is so dedicated in the pursuit of learning our clients needs.

Credit Recovery

The staple of the entire program. This is the portion of the program that we start disputing the information that we collected with the client during the Credit Review process. The Credit Recovery process takes 30- 120 days in most cases, depending on the account. We are using disputes that are in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act; Which is forcing the bureaus to launch an investigation with your creditor.

Credit Watch

You'll get an entire year's membership to the Credit Assistance Program. If within the membership period you have any new derogatory accounts placed on to your credit history we will work the new accounts at no additional cost to the you.

Credit Tracking Image
National Credit Assistance is the forerunner in the credit industry, we strive to give our clients the finest customer service available. To prove it we created our own credit tracking system, our system will allow you to see a before and after snapshot of your credit status. As we progress you will be able to log into your account and see the results for yourself, you will be able to see the accounts that have been deleted, updated to positive or verified. This also acts like a credit gas gauge letting you know when you might be able to qualify for a loan.
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